Friday, September 7, 2012

August from my iPhone

Holden smiling through his eyes
 many visits to chickfila....Nora can't get enough of that play area, and it's much cooler there than outside for mommy right now
 a very special treat...they were VERY excited...
 water day at the Sweatlands' house.  all the kids got a turn filling up the pool...and the ground around it
 they still have to sit at the door step before we go inside every single time we get home.  i still can't get enough of the cute faces when they do it.
 my bellly grew
 Daddy dressed Nora up like Sporty Spice
 Mommy put Daddy behind bars....crib bars that is....
we had many days of crafting and setting up for our "littlest"
 3 zoned out Burns
 Chickfila at Bfast this time...these kids LOVE "chickens" and biscuits. 
 Nora grew up before my very eyes and turned into a teenager...
 and Holden is a carpenter in training....he loves that orange tape measurer more than anything right now.  he just calls it his "orange". 

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