Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A Lot of Firsts...

* First Trip to Asheboro for Davis
* First Fall for all the kids
*First Fall Festival

Mike had a 4Day this past weekend, so we took the opportunity to make a trip home.  It has been a few months for me and mike and of course it was a first for Davis as well.  In our true fashion, we didn't pack till that morning and therefore we were running around like crazies trying to get out of the house on time.  ya know...finish up the laundry, bathe the kids (all of em), prepare the cats, pack, load the car, feed and entertain the kiddos, clean out the fridge, take out the trash, yada yada yada...whew!  \

kiddos waiting on mommy and daddy
all 3 sleeping peacefully in the car.  wow!  we have 3 kiddos now!
 That night we went to the Asheboro Fall Festival Parade.  I gotta be honest, as far as parades go, it wasn't that great, but the kiddos loved it.  Holden was so excited about the cars and firetrucks and Nora  loved waving to all of the "princesses" aka the beauty queens.  
Davis slept through the whole thing
taco bell nachos for dinner while watching the parade...what a life!
this is the ONLY way to use the binoculars!
the next day we went to the Fall Festival.  It was crowded, a bit hot and there wasn't too much we wanted to buy, but we enjoyed being outside, in our hometown, seeing people we know and the kids were totally entertained by all of the things to see. 

We've yet to get a stroller to fit the whole family so we made do for the festival.  Daddy was a great sport, yes?

We stayed at Nana's house this weekend.  Nana was able to sneak in a nap with Davis.  
and Poppy got some good nighttime cuddles too!
We also had a fun breakfast with the Burns Family.  Again, Davis slept through most of this as well, but nobody seemed to mind--he just got passed around A LOT! 
our last stop was to visit PopPop and Grandma

Pop Pop got them REAL harmonicas...which the kids loved.  They got toy ones last christmas, but they were really junk so Pop Pop found them some pretty awesome ones this time! 

it was a good trip and we really enjoyed seeing everyone as well as the turn of the cooler weather...although upon returning to our on home in Fville, we remembered we had gas heat and had to schedule an appointment to get it turned on.  So we lived with space heaters and blankets for the next few days!  #heatproblems #forgotweliveonthemainlandnow

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