Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Fall Day

Besides going to the balloon festival, we just used that weekend to relax a bit.  Again, we couldn't have asked for a more beautiful weekend.  Sunday we spent outside enjoying the day and playing together.  

This is the kids first ever experience with fall... not that they've noticed much.  I had to point out the pretty leaves, but now Holden will tell me about the colors he sees.  Nora has noticed fall only because of the weather...she tells me in the mornings that she is cold!  She doesn't no what cold is yet! I do think they are enjoying all the outdoor time though.  Mike and I are definitely happy to be home for the fall this year.  We've probably missed this about the south more than anything else since being in Hawaii.  

Just look at those pretty colors!

swinging with my norabird

harmonica playing princess

Daddy and Holden played frisbee...Holden's not half bad!

Pop Pop and Grandma got a trampoline since we were home last.  The kids haven't been on one of these since they were first learning to walk and they were a bit apprehensive.  Nora warmed up to it pretty quickly though when Mike suggested playing "ring around the rosie".  Holden preferred to stay close to Pop Pop this time. 

the static electricity was pretty fabulous

Holden also got a quick hair cut...
it's pretty nice having a barber as a Pop Pop! 

Silly Twinsies

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