Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Bringing Baby Davis Home

We had to wait the whole day to get discharged from the hospital...Davis and Daddy and I were more than ready though...we got all dressed and packed up and then took pictures to pass the time

My mom and stepdad brought the twins to the hospital so we could all go home as a family.  
It was honestly a bit hectic, but we got out of the hospital and into the car...and that's a success, yes?
Nora's over there...you just can't see her from Holden...it's a full car ;)

Nora freshening up her Big Sis skills

Newborn heads are so hard to keep upright!
at home with our 3 beautiful children!
Nora and Baby Brother 

after being gone for a few days, the kiddos needed quite a bit of attention and love from us...we were happy to oblige. 

As soon as i sat down to feed Davis, Nora went to get her blanket and baby to be like me.  It was pretty cute--Nora was really shy about the whole thing.

Davis had some gifts prepared to give his Big Brother and Sister.  The twins were very excited about them too!

a baby!
thank you brother!
Nora, already busy playing

he loves his drill!  it matches his favorite tape measure!

Nana had some gifts too
  playing "ring around the rosie"

thumbs up and shaka's are the new "thing to do"

Love This Pic!

these outtakes are kinda funny...
as Davis was crying and falling over, Nora wasn't sure what to do...
"um, Daddy, help?"
i love the arm on latched to the back of the couch
Daddy to the rescue :)

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