Thursday, October 18, 2012

iPhone Pic Dump

from the past few weeks...

these are holden's safety glasses from his tool set.  nora was wearing them around one day and i took her picture.  she of course asked to see it, because we are in that phase now, and when she saw herself she exclaimed "Nora is so cool!"
my nightly snuggle with the Littlest
Auntie Hill had a birthday and Davis and I took her out for dinner and dessert.  Davis is a pretty good date already ;)
Sometimes Daddy is awake for nightly snuggles too
Nora scored an awesome new winter hat at the fall festival
always glad when Daddy gets home from work
Holden and his epic bedhead--i hear it is hereditary, eh hem Daddy!
Holden didn't want to partake in naptime the other day...instead he wanted to keep his sister awake too, so we put him in our room on the floor as took all of 90 seconds for the loud snoring to commence--after 90 minutes of playing and refusing to sleep upstairs. Kids. 
Just hanging out with my kiddos
Nora isn't a big fan of the hair dryer so i usually distract her with my you can see, she thinks she knows just what to do!
Davis giving his new elephant the "stare down"
getting some Daddy time..."oh Daddy where do you go all day?  i miss you"
he sleeps with the funniest hand positions...
Holden was "helping" me do the dishes
We were out playing with the neighbors when Daddy got home so Daddy picked up Nora and she got to drive Daddy the rest of the way home.  

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