Friday, October 5, 2012

First Bath for Davis

It's quite amazing how stinky a little baby can get just sitting around!  Davis was in dire need of a real bath...not just a wipe off.  So as soon as his little boy parts and belly button were ready, we got him right in the tub.  He wasn't too thrilled. 

on a good note, Nora was actually interested in watching the bath.  This was really the first time she showed any interest in Davis at all.  As you can see, Holden didn't share her curiosity. 

this picture takes me back 3 years ago to bathing Holden... see here... very strong resemblance, yes? 

Nora wanted to help wash...
then Holden got a little jealous and came over to help too

the "sniff test" to make sure he was clean!
after such a traumatizing event, every little one needs lots of mommy cuddles, which of course i was glad to provide :)

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Anonymous said...

=)Love the pretty dress! good family bonding,
xxoo auntie Beth