Saturday, October 13, 2012

Three Weeks Old

Little Man had his checkup yesterday...all is good.  He's back up and slightly above his birth weight @ 10 lbs 11 oz and he's 22 in long.  Doc was pleased with his eating habits, pleasantly surprised with his alertness and head control and told we were good to go until his 2 month visit for shots.  Next week he'll be a month old...i just wanna slow it all down--this baby phase is the sweetest and shortest phase of life.  Just wish i could bottle it up and keep it forever. 

forgot to get a good pic this day...oops. 

and this is his sicky face.
it was all but impossible to keep him away from the sickies raging through the house...some version of flu/strep.  So sorry little one, you and I will make it through, even without the fabulous meds the rest of our family gets... one day...

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