Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Two Months Old

Today my Littlest is 2 months old and we're celebrating this milestone with family in Asheboro as we prepare for Thanksgiving.  At 2 months,  Davis a sweet, sweet baby and I'm still just as happy to sit and stare at him as i was when he was first placed in my arms.  Shocker, I know. 

We're due for a check up but falling in the middle of the holidays, we're a  little behind.  When we get his stats i'll be sure to post them.  He has definitely been growing--but not too much. He's pretty much wearing all 3 month clothes and seems to grow out of things in the length first.  That is unless the outfit has footies--then his feet grow out of the clothes first.  Just like a Burns! 

He's still eating great--exclusively breastfed.  It's been a good relationship for both of us and i enjoy it just as much as i did with the twins.  He does eat a lot faster than the twins--about 15 mins tops-- which i especially appreciate at night time.  Just the other night my mom tried to give him his first bottle.  That did not go over very well and after trying for quite a while, mommy was called to come back home because Davis was quite mad and "starving".  

 As you see from the pic above, he is sleeping like a champ.  8 hours is the norm--10 hours is a sweet gift he gives to me every once in a while.  He still goes down pretty easily.  Only on certain occasions does he really fight sleep, and when he does it seems to be when he is over-tired and has been up too long or been over stimulated.  I am much more aware of this with Davis having already had similar issues with the twins, therefore we try our best to prevent him from getting too tired to begin with--meaning there aren't many times in the day when he is awake more than 1.5 hrs at a time.  

Our biggest milestone for the month has been his oh so sweet smile which i have already posted about a few times.  His smile fills his whole face and his eyes light up and i can hardly stand it.  I mean who can resist that toothless grin?  Not this mommy. 

He current likes include: 
being swaddled
the pacifier
the swing

His current dislikes include: 
bath time
tummy time 
mommy's milk after italian foods (sad for mommy)

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