Monday, November 5, 2012

Pumpkin Patch

 we finally we made it to the pumpkin patch the weekend right before Halloween.  we were supposed to go a few weekends ago but we ended up being hulled up in the house with strep throat, so we were determined to go this weekend...let no hurricane get in our way! 

nah, actually it was a fun morning.  the rain held off, it was overcast, cool and super windy--but the kids didn't seem to mind at all.  This year's pumpkin patch was a huge change from the past few years in HI--hot, dusty and a hayride with a tour of the banana/mango groves.  This year it definitely felt more fall should!

they had wagons already there, perfect for pulling kids and pumpkins!
exploring the patch
holden said he found an egg!
she was super happy running around
our fave pumpkin
Davis peeking out
HRB wanted to help push

our loot
the patch also had lots for the kids to do...our kids chose the playground.  There was a train, castle, boat, cornhole and bikes.  they loved it. 

they preferred this way to play cornhole...the bags were kinda hard and stung when you got hit, but that didn't stop these two sillies from getting right in the way and trying to catch the bags!

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Jennifer said...

I LOOOOVE the one of Nora standing up out of the top of the train!