Thursday, November 8, 2012

Staying Busy

We're staying busy here in Fville with our family of 5...
just take a look. 

The twins are continuing to learn to ride their bike. Holden is doing very well...Nora is a work in progress.  But there is no denying they are super cute while trying!

 Nora is also working on her accessorizing skills...accessories are the key to good fashion you know. 
 Bath Buddies...until they are fighting over toys...but we won't talk about that right now ;)

apparently Nora thought Minnie needed to learn a lesson.  and some people think i am harsh with the punishments! 
 Mike sent Nora and I out on a date day.  We went shopping and had lunch.  Nora is quite the shopper...she browses the racks like a pro and can spot anything purple from a mile away.  
 while we were away, the boys were bonding at home.  Holden is quite a good helper (as long as the thomas the train app is a part of the plan!)
 Davis is busy growing.  I have asked him to slow down.  He just grunts. Just look at my big baby!
 Mike, Davis and I had the weekend to ourselves.  The grandparents had the twins and we learned what it is like to have 1 baby... (granted he's a pretty fabulous baby) ...we were like WHOA!, we missed out, this is a piece of cake! Although by the end of the third day, we were itching to see our kiddos as things were pretty quiet around the house!

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