Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thanksgiving Breakfast

Over Thanksgiving Daddy had been sick and didn't have much appetite.  We wanted to make something special that he would love, so we made sausage balls Thanksgiving morning.  Nora jumped right in and wanted to help out.  

So first we washed those little hands...
 wash 'em good Birdie!
 pls. no judgements of my appearance...instead we should be proud that i am awake, my kids are dressed and we're making breakfast, yes? 
anyway...i tried to teach her how to make balls

 the concept of keeping them all the same size was definitely lost in translation, but she was trying her hardest!
Holden decided he wanted to help out too...most of his dough ended up on the floor!
 my buddies

 trying out the finished was a success!

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