Friday, November 2, 2012

Trick or Treasure!

that's what Captain Hook says on Jake and the Neverland Pirates!

We took Peter Pan, Tinkerbell and our Little Mummy to church for Trunk or Treat.  They definitely enjoyed Halloween much more this year.  We got a little bit of a late start this night because of an appointment i had and we wanted to make sure they had a fun time, so we stayed out a little late, went ahead and had some candy and then watched a movie with the kiddos before bed.  

We've actually never given them candy before--just never felt the need to, but tonight they learned what it is all about.  They loved it, and admittedly there were some tears when we cut them off.  They also had their first hot chocolates--which was also a hit!  Add this fun night on to a practically perfect day with my three kiddos just playing at home, we had one great Halloween! 

Peter Pan (thanks Nana for making the costume come to life :)

just look at my sweeties
saying Hi to Dino Jack at Trunk or Treat

someone had the kids climb in the truck bed and find the candy in all the hay...holden and nora kept trying to take the decorations instead...
candy inspection while warming up by the fire

The Sweatlands

Movie and Mickey/Minnie Cards from Nana and Poppy

Davis was fussy while we were getting dressed and then slept through the Trunk or he had his pictures taken later at home ...pretty cute Mummy yes?  
(credit to pinterest for the last minute baby costume idea)

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