Thursday, November 1, 2012

One Month Update

Our Littlest turned one month last week.  You always hear people tell you how quickly time flies by and when the twins were this little, i heard them...but things were busy, and each new phase was new and exciting and that made the whole growing up thing a little easier to swallow.  With Davis, I know personally how fast it is gonna go by--and i just wanna savor every minute.  He's so sweet and such a good baby.  Looking at him, I see a little of us all.  I see a lot of Holden as a baby, I see Nora's feet and hands..which means i see his Daddy in him too.  I also see me in his full cheeks and funny expressions..and i could watch him forever it seems.  

He's growing so fast.  Coming out a bit late, he already seemed so much older than the twins, and the newborn phase has been so much shorter.  He has been alert and loves to look around, almost from the start it seems.  He has great head control and would rather sit up than lay down already.  Davis has rolled over twice on our bed, although he has yet to do it on harder surfaces and he's starting to coo and blow bubbles now.  

I'm sure some of this is because of his bigger size, but from the start we could get some 5 hr. blocks of time between feedings.  Now 5 weeks along, it's normal to get at least one 7-9 hour stretch.  We try to get that stretch of sleep at night when we are sleeping, but that is still a work in progress.  

Davis spent the first 3 weeks in our room exclusively, but the past 2 weeks we have been integrating him to his room and crib.  This works best for everyone.  He learns to soothe himself to sleep, and with Daddy getting up during the early hours, Davis is less likely to be disturbed that way.  We've been really impressed with his self-soothing.  At night he goes back down within ten minutes after he's fed with hardly any fussing.  The rest of the household is VERY thankful for this.  

Davis is in many ways like his brother and sister were.  He loves to be swaddled, prefers a soothie pacifier to any other and needs plenty of sleep.  It's rare for him to be up for more than an hour at a time and when he's fussy it's best to wrap him up and put him down--so much like Nora that way.  We do get some good snuggle times with D though.  The twins didn't like to snuggle much, but Davis will fall asleep on our chest or curled up in our arms sometimes, which Mike and I both just love.  

Davis is also a pretty fabulous eater.  He had no problems latching and nursing him has been a great experience so far.  He spits up a little, but not much compared to his brother and sister.  He does on the other hand get awful hiccups.  The first few weeks it happened after every feed and would make him so mad.  It still happens a few times a day, but he's handling it better now with less crying.  

Nora and Holden are definitely warming up to him and we are all starting to settle into a routine.  We were very blessed to have lots of help this past month from family and also friends who have been bringing us meals.  Now i just gotta figure out how to get dinner made with my 3 littles running around, and also figure out how to get out of the house and run errands with all three in tow.  I'll let you know how that is going next month!  

Davis at 1 Week
 Davis at 3 Weeks
 Davis at 1 Month (5 weeks)

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