Monday, September 9, 2013

August in Photos

We registered Nora for her first dance class
Played with friends at the castle park in Pinehurst with the Luchettas
Gavin, Nora, Ava, Emma, Brayden, Holden and Davis
this cutie loved on her Daddy Doll...and told me repeatedly that she wanted him to come back.  Daddy, you are loved!
MC Girl Playdate, with the newest addition, Benjamin
Davis, Holden, Nora, Benjamin, Braxton, Micah
We started drawing people...Nora definitely has a knack for it and has continued to draw her family on every piece of paper she can get her hands on since this day 

i got the kids new dress up clothes while in Savannah

Nora wanted to take a bath with her little brother

Pop Pop and Grandma came to visit one Saturday and I got some much needed quiet time
this little one has learned that i keep food in the diaper bag...i have to watch out, cause he's always in there scavenging.  one day i found a trail of sticky juice and at the end of the trail, i found this face 

the Twins and I went on a date--lunch at Chili's and a movie!

we enjoy as many of the cooler summer nights that we can jumping on the trampoline

i just love watching these 2 play
new musical bath toys
Holden went on a special outing with Hillary and Jack to the Dinosaur museum.  He was so excited, he waited at the window for them!
while they were in Raleigh, i took Davis, Nora and her friend Adelyn to the dinosaur park and then out to eat lunch at Red Robin.  The girls dressed like twins :)

watching the airplanes take off on Pope AFB

swinging babies

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