Saturday, September 28, 2013

Sequence Saturday

**getting her ears "pinched"**

Mike and I left the decision to get her ears pierced up to Nora.  She has been interested in earrings for a while now, but when we explained what she needed to do to get them she said she didn't want to do it.  Then on our beach trip with Nana, Nora spent the week interested in all of Nana's pretty, dangly earrings and decided she wanted some too.  So we talked about it for a week, just to make sure, and when Nana came back down to see us, we took her to get her ears pinched--as Nora called it. 

She was so excited to do it and she did a great job.  Here's the sequence of pictures...from happy to nervous to sad...and then happy once again.  We chose some pearls...with a little nudge from her mommy :) gotta train my Meredith Girl early, right?  She's so happy with her earrings now and shows EVERYONE she comes into contact with.  

spectator brothers
a little nervous

"the pinch"
the tears
sad girl...this picture kinda breaks my heart.  for a minute i thought, crap...we shouldn't have done it. 
but then i asked her if she wanted to see her new earrings, and through her tears, she looked at herself in the mirror and told me she liked them. such a sweet girl.

later that night, all was well and she was so proud of her new pearls!

2 more fun facts: 
1. Nora got her ears pierced on her Daddy's 33rd birthday
2.  My mom and grandma took me to get my first ear piercing...and now my mom and I were there to be with Nora...maybe it's a tradition now?

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Martha Jo Jones said...

Mom and Grandma took you...
Mom and Nana took Nora...
Meredith Pearls...