Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Little D is ONE

Just look at this big boy.

So my littlest turned one this week. As every mother says, " i can't believe it".  Yet the proof is above--he's not a little baby anymore--moving all over the place and into everything my little guy is growing up. 

It's been a challenging year in some ways--but when i think back there's so many sweet memories and good times that we've all shared as a family.  I'm so thankful for this little boy and how he has changed our lives. 

Davis is a funny baby.  Except for those big, bright eyes, he is different in almost every way from my twins.  From the womb this guy has been on the move. I've said it before, and i fear i will say it many times from now--but this child is ALWAYS moving.  I would've guessed he'd have been walking way before now, but i've decided the fact that he won't be still has a lot to do with the delay now.  He's been pulling up and crusing for 4 months now, but to walk he has to learn to stand still and balance--and this kid doesn't have time for that.  Although--as of 2 days ago, i have witnessed him taking some steps between things--he just doesn't do it for audiences. 

Food has always been an obsession for this little one. Although his birth weight was a whopping 10.8 he has been riding the 0-10% in weight for the past 6 months. (okay, there's one more way he is like his siblings).  From his long and lean body, you would never guess he eats like a football player, but boy does he ever.  Until about a week ago, i could probably count on my two hands how many times Davis had stopped eating on his own.  I usually cut him off when he'd eaten a portion a little smaller than what i would eat.  I many times would worry that he would go to bed sick with a tummy ache.  Feeding times have also always been a bit frantic--he wanted the food and he wanted it right then--it was this way when he was nursing and then again the same when he started eating solids.  Just in the past week or two things have calmed down.  He's calmer at the table and a bit more patient for his food--also with that he's started showing his preferences and turning away some things.  I honestly didn't think i'd ever see this day.

Right now it seems he is having a lactose intolerance problem, so we give him small amounts of cheese everyday to help introduce it, but when it comes to milk he drinks both almond and coconut milk.  Yogurt is a definite no go. He loves all fruit, his favorite veggies are broccoli and sweet potatoes and he really likes meat--chicken, beef, fish, etc. 

He has slept like a champ pretty much from the beginning.  We are so blessed for this.  He still prefers his room and crib to sleep in--and a white noise machine. Maybe he won't be such a Princess Prince and a Pea forever. :)

Davis loves loves loves his brother and sister.  He wants to be doing everything they are doing and be everywhere they are.  When they are playing upstairs, he stands at the bottom of the stairs at the gate and calls out for them.  He could care less for most of his toys and instead loves to play cars and trains like his big bro.  

He understands everything--and talks only when he wants to.  But i do promise he talks!  Besides the basics--mama and dada--he says bye, nana, ball, pop, no, and all done.  His catch phrase right now is "whoa".  he says it ALL THE TIME.  He also just started waving.  He LOVES to growl and make other noises.  He's much more likely to mimic noises.  He likes to make kissing sounds and click his tongue and whenever he hears a kid squealing he does it back in response with a big smile on his face. 

He's still got the biggest smile ever and it just lights up his whole face.  Although there are definitely days where i feel like i hardly get to see it, the days i do make it all worth it.  We just love our Little D--and i can't wait to see what the next year with him will hold. 

here's a few more pics of his 1 Year photo shoot:

these are mike's trucks from when he was little

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