Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Cake Smash

you saw the other pictures we had taken, but i saved all the cake smash pics for a different post.  

We did a cake smash with the twins when they turned one and i loved those pictures (click here to see one), so of course we wanted to do it again with Davis.  Nora and Holden had never eaten cake before and honestly didn't know what to do with it.  With Davis being our second time around, things are a bit different.  He knows what cake is, and ice cream, and cookies...haha.  I would honestly prefer not to sugar him up so much, but with his siblings eating it all around him, there really isn't much to be done...and lets be honest, its not hurting the kid. 

Anyway, the main story that goes with this day really happened the day before.  I had the cake made and picked it up on Friday afternoon because our photo session was at 9am the next morning.  Holden went with me to get it while Nora and Davis stayed with our friend Hillary.  Upon getting home everyone went straight down for nap and Nora never did know anything about the cake.  Fast forward to later that evening,  i was running around like a crazy person trying to get us all fed, dressed and out of the house for a women's event at church that evening.  I had the twins ready and supposedly standing at the front door (as they always do) waiting for me.  The front door is right near the kitchen--and the counter with the cake.  I am in the master bedroom, just down the hallway from them when i hear "hey sister,  wanna see Davis' cake?"  In a split second, one high-heeled shoe on and one off, i raced to the kitchen just in time to see Holden standing the cake box on it's side--you know the kind, flimsy cardboard with cellophane on top so you can see the cake -- teetering on the edge of the counter.  I have no idea how that 2 layered cake did not slide apart and crash all over the floor--but thank the good Lord it didn't.  Still the shock of the situation caused for a few tense minutes between me and my children as i checked the cake and eventually my attitude.  I totally realize Holden was just being a child, trying to show Nora the cool cake--but of course all i was thinking at the time was how would i have replaced a cake before the morning? Thankfully it was in one piece--quite a bit lopsided, but it's not like Davis wasn't going to decimate it the next day anyway. 

Below is a picture, before Davis touched it.  While no one else would probably ever have noticed, the lopsided cake will always be the first thing i see...a funny memory now, and hopefully a reminder to watch out for my "unglued moments"--kids will be kids, and lopsided cakes should never be a reason for me to compromise my integrity with my children. 

So anyway, there's the story...and now to the cute pictures.  
This child LOVED his cake--and he definitely knew what to do with it!

 and i just love this one...
how he felt when we took the cake away!


Richard, Sarah and Lily said...

I always love your honesty Jessi and I really appreciate your transparency with your blog - makes me feel like I'm not the only one who has those "check yourself" moments with her child! This will help me remember to do that more often.

Kimberly and Jordan said...

Super cute!