Friday, September 13, 2013

August X2

i thought i deleted a bunch of pictures on my phone.  which was really driving me insane...and then yesterday i found them--just filed in the wrong folder.  oh sweet relief.  haha. no really.

so here's a few you missed. well i'm the one who really missed them, but on to the pictures :)

My highschool friend, Heather, is pregnant with her first!  well..she was, that sweet baby was born on Sept 1.  Thankfully I was able to make it to her baby shower and see that cute bump.  

i received two unexpected boxes in the mail last month.  this first sweet surprise is a box that comes each month with cute handmade goodies in it.  my box this month came with a necklace that i just love and haven't taken off in a week.  Thanks so much LT for the sweet gift. 
and then this one from our sweet friends Katie and Tim. They knows us well, cute threads and yummy treats.  
what my car looks like when we up and decide to go to the park on a friend play day. 
is there something on my face? 
the half laugh/half whine face that i get 
a few more cute pictures from our park date with the Luchetta's.  
Davis and Emma sharing a swing...i don't think either one are too sure about that :)
that's a crazy bunch right there

nite nite with Daddy Doll

we went leotard shopping.  it was super fun.  i wanted to buy it all.  we stuck with the classics for now
we also got new backpacks.  they were thrilled.
i'm sure these choices are no surprise to anyone out there. 
just the usual mess he likes to make while eating his 3+ meals a day 
at the playdate with my MC quickly a photo shoot can go from this...
to out Benjamin!
kinda looks like a family picture?
what's with 3 year olds and wrestling?
and this picture is the best.  Jack and Nora.  Such cute friends. 

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