Friday, August 22, 2014

528 STB Ball

Oh Army Ball's... this is our 5th.  I've been preggers for 3 :) Thankfully this year the dress i bought before getting pregnant still fit (barely)...i wasn't so lucky with with the twins :)

This ball was held at the old Officer's Club on base.  The building is now used just for special occasions and events.  It's very "Old Army".  So old in fact...that the air conditioning stopped working the day before the event and there was no hurry on getting it fixed...yep, what else would we expect from the good ol' ARMY.  So us ladies in charge of decor and centerpieces spent two very HOT days sweating to death getting ready for this ball. The centerpieces did turn out pretty beautiful, yes? 

Good news is we are a support batallion.  Our soldiers are trained to get whatever is needed all over the world even in the most remote of getting AC to a ballroom??? No big deal.  Hours before the ball, soldiers were taking out windows, replacing them with duct tape, cardboard and huge tubes pushing cool air from trucks/generators parked outside.  The whole thing was kind of funny considering the theme was "Southern Elegance".  Nothing says southern elegance more than cardboard and duct tape yes?  and all those hours spent worrying about decor... all thrown out the window (literally) for some cool air :)  

It was a fun night, we've built some good relationships now and ball's are always most fun with friends, as opposed to the last one when we had just moved to NC and hardly knew anyone. 
some of the coffee group ladies
 the Warrants 
 There was also a photo booth...which got a lot of use!  There should be one of these at every ball. 

how many women can you squeeze into a little bitty booth? 

it was especially funny to watch the boys loosen up and have fun...

 who knows what was really going on here!

  As with all balls i've attended while pregnant, we were not able to hang as long as we would have liked. With the twins i was in the throws of the first trimester and spent most of the night sick, with Davis i was 38 weeks and literally ready to pop--dancing and socializing were of no interest to me! This time my back was killing me after a long day of decorating and then celebrating and my dress was most certainly cutting off air to both me and baby! By about 10 and that dress had to go.  

All in all, a very fun ball! Looking forward to next year's already!

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