Friday, August 1, 2014

Father's Day and some Big News

We spent Father's Day going to church, resting and then eating out at Texas Roadhouse (because daddy loves steak and mommy was still too sick to do any cooking) 

It was a simple and sweet day hanging out with our Daddy who does so much for us everyday. Thankfully I was able to capture some really precious moments to remember it by.  

ready for church
eager to help brother
Daddy with his Littles
Just look at the love and happiness beaming from these kids faces! 

This is also the night we told the kids they were going to have another sibling.  Holden really took the news in it was nothing but a thing! Nora had some things to say though, starting with "NO!" Mike and I both had a moment of shock and horror burst through us, but then Nora smiled really big, pointed at Davis and said "We already have a baby!".  After we explained that God decided to bless us with another baby, she said "Well this one can be a girl so she can be mine like Davis is Holden's!"  Of course this started a recurring conversation over the next few weeks as we tried to plant seeds that no matter what this baby will be, we will love it very much.  Although...Nora called Davis "baby brother" from the very beginning of my pregnancy with maybe she has some inside scoop. Guess we'll find out soon! 

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