Thursday, August 28, 2014

j.u.l.y ~ SUMMER ~ j.u.l.y

here's your dose of monthly randoms. 

Davis wanted to be like the twins, so he got a floaty too.  He's still technically too small for it to be safe, but try explaining that to a 1.5 yr old. 
  Mr. found my makeup.  At least he got the mascara on the right body part!
 Holden built me a flower garden on the rainy/tropical storm day at the beach. 

Our sweet neighbors took care of our animals while we were away at the beach.  The twins made cards to say thank you.  I had to take pictures of their artwork.  

Linus (our turtle) and LuLu (love how LuLu looks like a mouse)

 Lotsa CFA visits this summer. D hearts the cow!
 mowing the pool.  pretty serious business
 Play date with the Luchetta's.  Gavin is missing because he fell off the play set in the first ten minutes and had to go get staples.  Ava, Brayden and Emma stayed with us and had a fun morning. 
 these two are about 2 weeks apart in age and were really funny together. 

 full-a-hands on this morning 

Davis is always stealing my breakfast, but how can i say 'no' to this face?
 playing can be exhausting

Smiles at Breakfast...they get this from their Daddy :)

We meet Daddy for lunch about once a week.  Elizabeth's Pizza is one of our faves.  D likes to wear parts of Mike's uniform when he can get his hands on it :)
Our Sweet Mini Paratrooper
sweet moment of stillness from my littlest  
 this baby loves pickles just like mommy!

Mommy, Daddy and Davis had Sat. lunch at Blue Moon while the twins went to watch Fire and Rescue with Nana and Poppy.  We had a fun afternoon watching the trains, motorcycles and doggies go by. 
 after lunch (which took an incredibly LONG TIME) we treated Davis to cupcakes at the bakery downtown. 

Later that day mom and I took Nora to her first pedicure...topped off with a Starbucks lemonade.  She thought she was hot stuff! 
caption says it all

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