Monday, August 4, 2014

May and June

her smile kills out boys
Daddy Love

 I had a sweet date with my girl at Zoe's Kitchen.  
 Davis had his first date with the's pitiful, but cute.  Reminded me of a similar picture of Nora a few years ago :) You can see it in the post here.
flower shopping
 Nora's dance class was held in the big studio one day were we could watch and take some pictures. She's the one wearing pink in the back. 
 waiting at the door...our routine for getting out of the house. 
 Davis always wants to "help you" or "helping"

 making banana pudding
D wanted to help do this too, but i thought it would be best if he just ate some graham crackers and watched :)
 movie night outside!  Daddy makes everything we do more fun!
 the last meal of my 20's spent back at Zoe's.  I love that place!
 D learning the fun of going shishi on trees :)
 her first ring pop
 when we won't give him a snack...
 someone decorated our trash can
 helping with folding clothes is usually a disaster and mommy won't let him, so sitting in the basket is the next best thing. 
 boys and their games
  ice cream with Nana and Poppy

 High Heels and Baseball Caps

The Luchetta Triplet's birthday party at the Little Gym.   The kiddos had a great time trying new things!

 attempting a large group picture...never did quite work out. 

this picture cracks me up..hopefully my husband will still love me when he sees it posted here :)
 icee pops in the summer are the best!
 Davis always brings toys downstairs from his bed every morning.  He is usually standing up with the toys in his arms waiting for us when we walk in to get him.  On this morning he had his hat on too.  Guess we left it within his reach from the crib.  

 talking to his horsey
 i just love this pic...reminds me of Where The Wild Things Are

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