Friday, August 29, 2014

First Family 5K

The kids did their first 5K this weekend for Daddy.  That's 3.1 miles for you non-runners. Mike has started taking them on small runs around the house/neighborhood lately and he thought he'd give this race a try.  It was very family friendly, there were kids and adults of all ages, kids on bikes trying to keep up with parents, moms impressively running with four kids in tow, parents jogging slowly encouraging their kiddos and even 4-legged runners on leashes. 

We knew they'd walk a lot, but i really didn't expect Nora to do the whole thing.  She's never proven to have much stamina (like giving out at the zoo and other long outings).  Still, she was walking when they showed back up at the track for the final lap and i was so impressed! 

They finished around 49 mins.  Mike said both had a few tears at some point, but they worked through it, didn't give up and finished with smiles on their faces and ready for some pancakes!  This race is done monthly, and as the weather starts to cool hopefully we'll make it to a few more this fall :)


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