Thursday, November 20, 2014

Nana's Big 90

OBVIOUSLY it's not Nana's 90th...we just had a candle mishap, which made for some funny moments.  

Nana's Birthday was a fun day for everyone.  We took it slow that morning and all played inside away from the super cold temps outside.  Mike even made our Burns Special Birthday Breakfast...M&M Pankcakes!  

For lunch the twins, Nana and I went to get lunch at The Table and then paint pottery.  The pottery was the twins gift to Nana.  They chose to paint some tea cups to add to her collection at home.  This was their first pottery painting experience since they were 6 months old. I think they enjoyed it.  
 Nora painted hers "dark pink and light blue" and Holden did his in blue and orange--both have polka dots so they would match :)
 With the birthday girl 
For dinner we went to one of Nana's favorite restaurants, Carrabas.  

and after we went home for cake where this happened...

haha.  Good times out of the mouth of babes. Happy 90th birthday Nana.  We'll celebrate your 60th in another 30 years! 

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