Thursday, November 13, 2014

Trick or Treat

another Halloween...another theme...but this time Mom and Dad joined in too! 
I feel we should have waited another year so we could have had an R2D2 or a Ewok...but i'm not sure we have too many more themed Halloweens in our future.  Mike and I basically had to bribe both Nora and Holden to do this.  Holden was insisting on being Darth Vader (he ALWAYS wants to be the bad guy) and Nora of course wanted to be Elsa.  

i'm not ashamed to say, i told them that if they'd wear luke and leia, we'd still get them the other costumes-- not a hard proposal with birthdays and christmas in the near future :) They bought it AND enjoyed their Luke and Leia costume anyway.  Turns out Nora's best friend, Adelyn, was Princess Leia too (cause her brother is an avid Star Wars fan as well) so it turned out to be the "cool" thing to do after all.  

oh, i just love these faces! 

trick or treating with neighbors, Riley and Rory or Anna and Elsa! 
they were seriously SO EXCITED they couldn't stop running!  this preggo mom gave up after 2 streets, but dad helped them finish up the neighborhood (or at least half of it).  Our final candy haul ended up being close to 4 gallons bags full! We'll never finish it all, i'm certain! 

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