Tuesday, November 18, 2014


whenever i do these monthly random posts i always see the pictures from the first of the month and think "man that was a long time ago" but yet it seems time just flies...

anyway, here's the rest of October cuteness...

like this kid, sneaking his snack cup into the bath.  

some belly pics at 25 weeks with my LittleD

an "off day" for littleD meant good snuggles for Mommy. I think he slept this entire day away--no fever, no other sick symptoms.  Just seriously tired.  He woke up fine the next day. 
a little sadness over missing his friend Jack.  I found Holden upstairs looking through these pictures one day-- he continued looking at it off and on for the next few days.  The hard part of military life... i think holden feels it hardest right now because although we've made new friends this summer, they are mostly girls.  Even though he seems to enjoy playing with them (nora was the only girl in a group of boys just a year ago...) i think he misses his best friend and his "boy time".  I understand. I miss Jack's mom everyday too. 
On a brighter note, Nora and i had a little lunch date.  She LOVES going to Zoe's Kitchen as do I--so we try to sneak away every once in a while for "girl time".  
Our usual is hummus, pitas, greek salad and some fruit.  

oh this smile.... infectious 

At Rachel's baby shower... she's 9 weeks ahead of me. This is us at 28 weeks and 37 weeks.  And then with our big girls at our sides.  Nora and Adelyn played dress up the entire time and then were very excited at present time--even if none of the gifts were for them!

i've not been documenting this one too well... that's what happens the more babies you have.  
i'm trying to hit the milestone weeks at least.  Here's me at 30 weeks.  I can't believe it's coming up so fast!

Nora's dance class got to wear their costumes the week of Halloween.  I figured most of the girls would be wearing princess dresses, so i told Nora she could wear one of her princess dresses too instead of her Star Wars costume.  She chose her Batgirl tutu.  Her daddy was so proud!

Nora and her friend Hannah
it's almost impossible to get good photos during class...she's at the end beside elsa

Nora eating more salad.  Her sudden love for salad is funny, but so welcome.  We went to Cheesecake Factory and the girl just wanted a salad! 

and then this kid is all about the cookies

and did you know Darth Vader liked cookout milkshakes too? 

lastly, Papaw Sam came to visit and  he and Mike took the kids to their first hockey game.  It was military appreciation night so they got in free and got seats right at the glass.  Holden came home so excited to tell me that "the good guys and bad guys got in a lot of fights and they had to go to timeout!" I'd say that about sums it up. 

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