Saturday, November 8, 2014

NOBalloon Fest

We went back to Statesville this past month to check out the Carolina Balloon Festival.  We went 2 years ago and had a great time.  The twins don't remember going though and Davis was about 4 weeks old at the time, so we wanted to take them back.  

It was a beautiful day.  The kids had fun playing games, eating fair food and playing with each other outside...




but i'm sad to report....

we saw NO BALLOONS. 

the wind picked up and it wasn't safe enough to fly them.  they still blew them up and lit them up for the nighttime viewing, but we couldn't stay that late.  we had already stayed for almost 5 hours and skipped naps.  The kids were getting restless, tired and hungry for real we packed it up and headed out.  I don't think the kids ever did understand what they missed, although us adults sure did!  That was a lot of driving for no balloons.  And then i heard the next day, it was apparently the best weather/conditions the festival had seen in years.  Figures. 

if you want to see what it was supposed to be like, check out this post from 2 years ago. 

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