Thursday, November 6, 2014

OKI2014 Part Two!

We were lucky enough to go have two beach weeks again this summer thanks to some great parents/grandparents! Thanks so much for a fun and fabulous week Nana and Poppy!

This trip was taken the first week in October and WOW- the weather was perfect!  The kids had a great time as expected.  These three littles just LOVE the sand and water and i really love watching them have so much fun. 
This is our second beach trip in a row and apparently we already have a tradition...matching shirts, ha. Here we are looking totally touristy with our matching shirts on the pier :) by the way...Aunt Diane was with us at the beach again this year, but somehow she missed out on this experience??? 

what's that Nora is wearing on her back, you ask?  her Meow.  If we'd let her she'd never leave home without Meow.  We don't let her take her out most of the time, but sometimes for the 'big events' Meow gets to come experience it too... in this case, seeing the fishing pier and taking family photos :)

Beautiful Morning Views 

Digging Holes is the Daddy and the kids favorite beach activity! 

same outfit...another year.  Oh i love this boy!
We had lots of yummy food this week also!  Most exciting--we ate at Prov Co twice!  Once we enjoyed a beautiful sunset evening and then as always, we ate there for lunch before heading back home. 

There was one rainy day while at OKI.  On this day the ladies went shopping in Southport (sorry no exciting pictures :) and the guys and kids rode the ferry to the aquarium.  

 what is it with kids and ceramic animal statues? 

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