Friday, August 21, 2015

Insane Inflatable 5K

Mike and Holden ran the inflatable 5K the weekend we got back from the beach.  The weather in general has been super mild and nice this summer, but on this day it was overcast and so incredibly humid the air was dripping, as were all the bodies everywhere.  I don't run, but if i did, this wouldn't be the day i would have chose to do it.  

So humid, i couldn't keep the camera from fogging! 

Nora also is a good runner, but she's not up for all the high slides and obstacles, so this race was just for the big boys :) 

just starting out, can you find them? 

Mike got some pics for me while they were running


and while we waited Nora and Davis had some fun too 
Captain America ran the race too! 

and almost finished....

 happy faces as they crossed the finish line ;)

got his first medal!

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