Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Macky Eats

Macky started eating a few months before he turned 6 months.  He has been my earliest eater, but being bigger than my other babies i expected it.  

In some ways after having multiple babies, you become somewhat of an expert...but in many ways each baby will show you just how different they can be and how i have to go and learn a new way to cater to his needs.  

For Macky, we started feeding him in a more traditional way.  Starting with grains/cereals and moving to baby foods.  He is our first to have any rice cereal--but obviously needed it to keep his belly full.  Also since he started eating younger, baby led weaning/ starting with soft solids was out of the question.  

He also was my first baby to take to eating immediately.   He spit out the first bite, but after that he ate his food like a champ.  No need to teach that baby to open his mouth/swallow/get used to textures...he was all over it :) 

what is this thing around my neck? isn't my cape supposed to go on my back? 

A few months in now, he is feeding himself some solids.  His favorites are steamed broccoli and pancakes and he hates bananas, but more than anything he still prefers for us to shovel it in! 

pancakes for me? 

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