Monday, August 10, 2015


After about 4 weeks in Iowa, we headed back to NC for our 4th of July week at the beach :)

this was Macky's first beach trip and in normal 6 month old fashion, he slept a good portion of the beach time away, but he did get some time in each day--and he definitely rocked his beach gear! 

there was the normal play in the sand...
BUT this year the focus was playing IN the water.  I loved watching them have fun and not be afraid. 

our friends, The Bennetts were also able to come hang out for a couple days.  The kids were so happy to get some more time with their besties. 


Mike started teaching Davis the ways of the boogie board and i tried to talk Macky into relaxing on the beach.  Honestly, they both need some more convincing. 
doesn't everyone keep their snacks in their waistbands? 


 baby time! 


we occasionally came inside to rest

and there was this fabulous hammock in the breezeway

our silly boy...he was doing everything he could to NOT smile at the camera

lovin' on Pop Pop 
The last day was my favorite.  Maybe it's just because it was the last day and you're trying to just hold on and enjoy every minute or maybe it was just because everyone was in a good mood, but it was a good day and we all had fun in the water. 
Mike was even giving Nora some surfing lessons :)
 on her knees

then trying to stand
"gonna be a army like daddy"
a heart rock!


we also had the most beautiful weather this week...
Mike got this shot on a morning bike ride
and this one while fishing with dad early one morning

Out to eat at Blue Point Marina.  This has become somewhat of a tradition as well. The kids love to look at the boats 


and of course we visited Prov Co before driving home :)

Nora enjoyed her favorite, Caesar Salad...and Macky just enjoyed the view this time:)
We had a great time and are so thankful to be able to have such a fun week.  Thanks Pop Pop and Grandma!

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