Thursday, August 6, 2015

Potty Adventures with Davis there wasn't enough else going on this summer, we potty trained Davis. 

Really what happened was, one day Mike just up and decided we weren't doing diapers with Davis anymore (obviously had one too many dirty diapers that day :) 

We'd been talking about it for a while but Davis kept saying he didn't want to and i was unsure of starting something when we still had to make some long road trips.  I didn't want to have to constantly make stops for a potty-training child. 

Still we did it and the whole process was surprisingly easy. 

First off whenever he had an accident, it looked like this...
 i know...tragic, but a good thing really.  He did not want to have an accident! 

and for his first ever "poopy in the potty"...a HUGE COOKIE SANDWHICH

and that was basically it, he picked it up very quick..a couple days in he had gotten the hang of it.  He also rocked the road trips and did his best to hold it until we could stop. Now, about 6 weeks since we started.  That kid is if only i can break him of his M&M habit! 

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