Wednesday, August 19, 2015


This little guy spent his 6 month birthday at the beach...not a bad deal :) 

The sixth month brought a lot of change for us.  The inconsistency of our schedules and always sleeping in different places started to take its toll on our littlest in the form of sleep.  Nighttime sleep, which had started to take on longer stretches prior to the move,  regressed back to waking up about every 3 hours-- sometimes more and only wanting to sleep in the bed with us.   Although the "newbornish" sleep schedule was a headache at night, it was helpful during the day when he napped quite often and catnapped in his carseat whenever we were out. 

Also during this month Macky started eating some solids.  It was obvious he was interested, but i had been putting off a little until other things in our life had settled a bit.  Thankfully he took right to eating solids.  He pushed the first bite out of his mouth but after that gladly opened back for more and started swallowing with no problems. 

The last big change for Macky this month is that he started sitting up.  I just love this stage.  Sitting up provides them the freedom to entertain themselves and explore the world from a new point of view but they aren't moving around and getting into everything.  Sitting up also allows me to be hands free at times when I really need it.  So i guess you can say it gives a both a little freedom! 

With the beginning of sitting came the end of rolling.  I have no idea why, but the child won't roll to his back anymore and gets extremely frustrated when stuck on his tummy.   We keep hoping this stage will end, but 6 weeks in and he still refuses to roll off his tummy or crawl, so who knows how long it will last. 

His teeth have also been giving him a lot of problems.  If i could bottle drool and sell it, i'd be rich.  instead we're all just wet.  I can see the bottom 2 teeth right below the surface, they are just taking their sweet time pushing through, so in the meantime, motrin and hylands teething gel are our best friends. 

Because Macky is struggling so much on his tummy we tried to take him out of his swaddle at night to give him more time to move around and work on his motor skills.  That lasted about 2 hours of on and off crying.  We had just gotten back from our trip back home and sleep was hard enough between the travel and teething--we decided we'd break him from the swaddle another time.  Sleep was more important! 

His Likes Include:
Brothers and Sister 
being outside 
snuggling up with Mommy and Daddy 

His Dislikes Include: 
being alone 
Daddy sneezing 
being on his tummy 

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