Friday, August 7, 2015

June Wrap Up

The first week of June we were in NC, sleeping at our friends's some random pics from our downtime there. 

Holden loves his baby brother so so much, and i'm pretty sure Macky feels the same way :) 

superhero training...that tree was really "getting it"
and Daddy got a little piece of it too!
just me and Captain America / watching Daddy pack up the trailer 
trying on Davis's cubbies hat.  looks pretty good, yes? 
out with Daddy

Then in Iowa, Davis had his first night in his big boy bed....consequently he also had a face to face date with our pavement earlier, hence the huge strawberry on his forehead
and the next morning, still sleeping like a baby... you can take the boy out of the baby bed, but you can't take the baby out of the boy (and yes we're missing a screw, it was lost in the move.  don't worry it's been fixed now :)
mail from their best friends 
getting all domestic.... sewing and planting flowers 
hydrangeas!  bringing a a little "south" to the midwest
and although it's hard to tell, they are definitely "cheersing" their dill pickles.  
a date with my littles... Rudy's Tacos and the park

everyone loves to snuggle with Macky boy 

napping in mommy and daddy's bed 
big smiles! 

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