Thursday, August 8, 2013


A trip to the hardware boring it literally put all 3 to sleep...granted we were pushing naptime...but all 3 to fall asleep while out in a store, that's unheard of around here! I have a video of bobbing heads that's pretty funny.  Maybe i'll get it uploaded soon :)
I made a cake...and the icing...and the pralines...  That's unheard of too.  I don't bake much.  It definitely warranted space on the blog. 
We also made some new friends. Meet Princess Adelyn aka Nora's first "best friend"
and meet their princess dogs...

and this is Adelyn's brother Daniel. He's a couple years older and Holden thinks he's pretty cool ;)

Also meet the Luchetta Team.  Mike is working with their Dad.  We had them all over for dinner right before the guys deployed.  Their kids are very similar in age to ours--but they have triplets instead of twins! 
in order: 
Nora, Ava, Davis, Holden, Emma, Brayden, Gavin

Nana took a ride in Nora's truck.  

I unearthed the hula girl outfits from a box that was never unpacked completely. Oh more dress-up.

an irresistible face

Nora got a "short cut".  which is exactly correct--and incorrect.  hair is still long...just a little trim.  :)

a vampire bit Little D.  ok. not really.  I debated putting this up...but here it is.  He actually fell onto the corner of a desk.  after some ice and lots of Neosporin all is better :)

according to my friend Sarah...i was a little too amazed by this...but while driving down I95 we were being tailed by a funny looking helicopter carrying a huge electricity pole. 

sometimes for breakfast cake is the best option. 
what's with cat's and babies?  always wanting to get inside baskets and boxes...even when they are too big for them :)

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