Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Aloha Zoo

a little ironic that we leave Hawaii to come to Fayetteville, just to live 20 minutes from the Aloha Zoo...

not that we saw much "aloha" there. 

The Aloha Zoo is a small little zoo owned by a local man.  Apparently many of the animals are rescued from abusive homes or neglect.  They also have a miniature horse business.  My honest opinion is this.  There are some good opportunites to get close and feed some interesting animals.  Their habitats are a bit sparse and sad looking, there were a lot of flies around...and i mean A LOT and there were maggots in the horse feed buckets.  Maybe we hit them up on a bad day...but either way--Mike and I left a little disenchanted.  

As far as the kids though...they loved it--especially getting to feed all the animals. The goats were their favorites..haha. 

 checking out the sleeping white tiger
 My favorite part was the giraffe--his name is Stretch. 

 There was also a "safari ride" If we were to go back again, i'd skip this part. Although the camels were kinda cool.  Apparently the camels come from churches who buy them for nativities and then don't want them anymore. Supposedly it's cheaper to buy a new one than care for it all year..that's crazy, right? 

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