Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Cowans

Right after Mike left i took a break from my reality to go visit my friend, Sarah, that i knew in Hawaii.  She and her husband Chris are now stationed at Ft. Stewart, right near Savannah.  

You may remember, but right before leaving Hawaii Sarah had a baby boy, Oliver, that i was blessed to be present for the first few hours of his life.  Check it out here.  Crazy to think, but Ollie is now almost 18 months and definitely does not fit into the crook of my arm anymore--at at the time of his birth Davis was just a little flutter in my tummy. Now look at them!

 you see Ollie in the back?
 Ollie wanted to carry all large things around the house...this included Davis in his carseat.  Luckily for Davis, he is a bit too heavy for Ollie's little guns. 
 Sarah and I share a love of cupcakes (i know, who doesn't love cupcakes).  We used to go get them often in Hawaii...see here.  So what could be more appropriate than spending our first day together getting a dozen fabulous cupcakes???  

and i can't forget Bailey.  They dog who will forever lick me and love me...except now she had someone better to love on, Davis! I believe that D liked Bailey quite a bit too....there definitely was no fear from either one of them!

 stay tuned for the touristy part of my trip :)

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