Sunday, August 4, 2013

10 Months Old

Our little Davison Luke turned ten months old--double digits!  how fast it goes by. 
The photo shoot this month wasn't as great as usual.  Mike and I together couldn't convince that kid to sit still for a second.  Which is par for the course with Little D. The kid is NEVER still--except when he's sleeping and even then, he makes full use of the crib space.  The nursery workers call him Mr. Wiggles, changing his diaper is like a wrestling match, he kicks in his high chair the entire way through meal times, and does a similar motion in the carseat...just add the arms too.  Really.  He's never still. 

He's been moving around since 6 months, but just in the past month has he truly been crawling in a traditional sense--ya know, hands and knees on the ground, butt up, nothing dragging the ground.  He's also been pulling up for about 2 months now, but he's gotten to be quite the expert now.  I also on occasion catch him standing up, with toys in both hands, playing, not really holding on to anything...just balancing a bit on his belly.  He loves to hold our hands and walk, he'll even do it one-handed.  I think walking may not be far off. Although, if i'm being honest, i'm not encouraging it--the crawling stage is so sweet and such a short time in their lives. I love it.  

Just in the past couple of weeks i've noticed a big difference in his verbal skills.  While "Momma" is his most used word--i'm fairly certain he says "bye-bye", and "yum-yum".  He'll also copy words after i say them sometimes...that list is a bit longer--water, brother, eat, dada, Davis, banana, berry. 

We're starting to work on sign-language.  More and water are the biggies, so he'll stop screaming at the table so much.  The child is SERIOUS about his food.  I can't keep enough food in front of him and when he's hungry, beware.  He eat all sorts of things....really its too much to list.  He does have favorites though.  Black beans, spaghetti, peaches, strawberries, pickles, blackberries, raspberries, sweet potatoes, and pulled pork (barbeque). He's really cut down on his nursing in the past month.  I'm lucky to get 2 feedings in a day--i'm still pushing it though, because we are having problems keeping dairy down.  It seems every time he eats yogurt or drinks a little milk, it all comes back up.  gross. I'm hoping he grows out of it. 

He's a great sleeper--as long as we are at home.  He gets on average 12 hrs a night, sometimes more.  then he takes about 2 naps a day of 1.5-3 hours.  On busy days it might be 1 longer nap.  But still..i can't complain.  He's not so good sleeping other places though.  It's highly unlikely he'll fall asleep in the car--even on the long car trips.  He also doesn't sleep well in other homes, although it is better than a few months ago.  Instead of the multiple wake-ups a night we would have while visiting family, we're down to just one and then an early wake-up call.  I'm also hoping he'll grow out of this :)

Things he loves: 
his paci, we call it "raffy"
his brother and sister
being outside
the boba (our baby carrier)
water--baths and pools
the going to bed book

Things he doesn't like: 
being alone
diaper changes
car rides
being restricted or penned up

Here's his 10 month photo we could do :)

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