Friday, August 30, 2013

Tybee Island

While in Savannah we also visited Tybee Island. It's obviously a popular beach town and it was really crowded, but i liked it. We actually had the best day.  Both the boys were in great moods.  I had so much fun just playing around in the water and sand with my baby boy. He just LOVED the water.  And if i may say so myself, he was pretty darn cute on this day. 

 D is always carrying toys around in his mouth, so he can still have his hands free...i love it

We ate lunch at The Crab was pretty great.  Seemed to be a popular place that everyone goes to, but really the food was good.  Not to mention there was a trash can, a basket of crackers and a big roll of paper towels at every table...PERFECT for kids. 
Yummy Deviled Crab Sandwich and Crab Soup
Ollie liked the lights above us
and Little D liked the corn
Before going home we went to see the was seriously hot, but we decided to walk up the lighthouse anyway.  

 What a full day will do to Little People

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