Monday, August 5, 2013

2 Weeks

Today marks 2 weeks down out of about 40--give or take...

The past two weeks have been pretty busy, traveling and visiting family and friends.  Now it's time to get back to our real life as well as our new reality--life without Daddy.  We've not quite been home for 24 hours and there have been a lot of questions--i can see the twins doing their best to process everything.  They ask if Daddy is at work a lot--especially when we were on base today.  When we skype with mike, which has been surprisingly a good experience this time, they ask him a lot about where he sleeps and seem confused why the is sun out where he is and it's dark at our house (or visa versa).  They also ask if he's still on a plane--i keep trying to explain that he's not on one anymore, but i don't think they quite get it.  Strangely enough, Nora has declared she is now afraid of planes and runs to be near us when she hears one.  I assume the connection is with Mike leaving, although it's hard to tell.  Nora told me yesterday, while on the way back home, that her Meow and turtle missed Daddy.  Then Holden chimed in that Captain America and Hulk missed Daddy too.  It's sweet and sad too.  It's a balancing act...keeping things as normal as possible while still being truthful and acknowledging  Mike's absence and then just distracting them as much as possible with fun activities so they (and I) don't have to notice it too much. 

I found this series of pics on my phone of Mike's last day home with us.  It was a sweet, calm day.  We didn't do anything or go anywhere--it was just our little family in our home.  These are for you Mike :)

Early Morning Bed Snuggles

hula girl!
 pulling out D's big baby toys
 love our trampoline

 kids trying their hand at taking our picture 


 we hadn't yet talked about Mike leaving, but holden knew...he's sensitive and deep feeling baby--too much like me
 night night time

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