Tuesday, October 8, 2013

A Great End to Summer

oh, i'm really behind here--but a month ago, we went to Topsail Island for a week with Nana and Poppy.  The house was great and the weather was perfect.  It was a great end to the summer--just wish Daddy could have been there with us. 

The no-name house...what beach house doesn't have a name?
our walkway
we spent quite a few evenings on the beach...the is the first night...the kids just couldn't wait to get out in the water...they were soaked :)
my happy boy
this little boy loved crawling all over the sand...climbing this sand hill was his favorite
sunset beach beauties
and of course we spent every morning digging, playing and splashing in the surf

Uncle Alex and Holden built a fort and played pirates

and we collected lots of "treasure" whlie walking along the beach,  it's now all stored in a big jar in the kids room.  
 our favorite hooded towels...make yet another beach appearance

 Davis was determined to be a part of the "big kids"...he had no fear with the water

 and he loved playing with Uncle Alex

I just love these two pictures of my boys...

sizing each other up?
 their gang pose

Davis was a master beach chair stealer.  He loved to climb in someone's seat when they got up and then get it as sandy as possible. 

and sometimes he would refuse to give it back...trying to sit in the chair AND play in the sand
we also had some pretty awesome night storms to watch

and we made 3 trips to go get ice cream 
Davis loves to steal all my food...but this ice cream cone, he thought was ALL HIS

On our last day there, Little D and I spent the afternoon just the 2 of us, catching our last bit of sun rays and enjoying the cool water on our feet.  He was one happy little boy.

 Of course before leaving, we took some family pictures...

there were some good ones...

 and then some outtakes...Little D was NOT in the mood for pictures. 

the twins trying to calm him down...Nora's face makes me giggle--you can tell she's getting impatient with him
 and then Holden gives up too...sometimes D is gonna be grumpy, no matter what we do. 

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