Wednesday, October 30, 2013

NC State Fair

Last year Mike and I wanted to take the twins to the fair so badly, but Davis had must been born, I wasn't feeling well and it just wasn't in the plan for us that year.  This year I was determined to take them.  I have such good memories of the fair, both as a kid and then going all my years of college.  I also have been looking forward to having some time just me and my big kids.  

We met up with my friend Lacey and her family (as lifetime Raleigh residents they are real State Fair veterans) and we had a great day.  

The weather was perfect, food was yummy, the rides were fun and the smiles were big--just like i had hoped it would be.  Only thing that could have made it better was to have Daddy there--maybe next year!

riding the ponies


 their first roller coaster! 
 Nora had a death grip and an awful face through the whole thing, but when she got off she told me she had i guess that's good?
 Their first cotton candy!

 Face Paint

 Nora and Carter...Holden was adamant that he did not want his face painted.  later on in the car he asked Nora if it hurt...i guess that was the problem
 exhausted after a super fun day!

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