Thursday, October 3, 2013

Daddy's Birthday

Mike had a birthday in September too-- it seems Little D's first birthday overshadowed Daddy's 33rd on the blog, but we did celebrate, and it was quite the funny evening. 

along with the rest of the country, Mike likes Duck Dynasty.  We picked up one of Phil's books for Mike for Christmas and Holden very clearly remembers this.  Now whenever he sees men with super long beards and lots of camo he associates that with daddy...which makes me laugh.  All of this to say, while birthday supply shopping, we chose a camo motif for Daddy.  (should the words camo and motif even be used in the same sentence?  I can see Phil shaking his head now...."yuppies".)

i realize it looks a bit like a memorial--that was of course, not my intention--the 2 green candles are there just to help hold up the sign and daddy doll, and the cupcake with the candle was Daddy's cake (which we all "helped" him eat!)
our party hats...birthday hats with "deer" antlers..obviously D thinks this is hilarious. 
 this kid loves his "brown" aka chocolate
 this kid loves his he hadn't already had enough cake earlier that morning at his cake smash session. 
 "what cupcake?"

 and because we had to take our redneck party one step farther...we got tattoos of our favorite hunting game--deer for Nora (which the twins still call reindeer, even though i correct them every.single.time...turkey for Holden and some kind of bird for me...goose? duck? eh.  i just thought it was pretty.  (there it goes again.... "yuppy")

*note: Daddy was supposed to attend his party via skype, but he was stuck in an airfield on his birthday with no internet or phone access-- hence the Daddy Doll stand in.  When a party is promised to 2 three year-olds....a party must be given, even when the guest of honor is missing.  We still skyped with him the next day and relived all of our redneck fun :)

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