Saturday, October 12, 2013

September Randoms

My babies on their first day of 3yr Preschool.  
 and Nora's first day of dance--she was so very excited
 before we went inside
 and waiting for class to start....i'm not who was more excited, Nora or her mommy!
 while i take Nora to dance, the boys have been having "boy time" at Hillary's house.  
 Davis has become my errand buddy while the twins are at school.  He doesn't get his morning nap those days and he's always so tired by the end.  You know my wiggle baby is tired when he actually lays his head down and gets still...he NEVER stops moving
this is more normal for my wiggle baby...climbing on things he shouldn't, then falling, getting stuck and crying like he's been deeply hurt by the whole incident. 
 troublemaker 3.0  (for comparison pic, click here)
 always trying to get to the food

Little D LOVES to ride! I have never seen this baby more calm than he is when he's riding...
and then that reminded me of this....
 and speaking of riding...he has found the joy of riding the gator...big brother is a great chauffeur too
 Pop Pop keeps our little one safe
 sweet boys....oh my, fast forward 12 years

 don't you just love the double use of overalls?

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