Monday, October 21, 2013

The Night Judah Barlow was Born

I had one of the top 5 coolest moments of my life this past weekend.  Birth is amazing. I've been on one side of it obviously..but being on the other side is pretty great too. Hillary had the kind of birth i've always wanted but have never been able to have.  I try to accept the birth stories the Lord has given me, and i am genuinely thankful to have been given the opportunity to carry my children no matter how they come out.  But WOW.  Childbirth the way God originally planned's like nothing else i've ever seen.  Beautiful. Intense. Tears of Anguish followed by Tears of Joy. The First Breath of Life. Have i said Wow?

We were hoping she could hang on to this baby until Jake could make it home from deployment, but 5 days before his flight, baby Judah decided it was time.  Being her second the labor was fairly quick. No need for induction and all natural...i'm not gonna lie--it was hard work and there were some moments of desperation, but hillary rocked it. 

The pics below are right after Judah was born, Daddy Jake was listening in via skype...oh how far technology has brought us.  Pretty Amazing. 

oh sweet relief 

 meeting her baby
 Judah Barlow Sweatland

 She did it!
  the coaches get to meet Judah

sweet baby face
 the next day i brought Jack over to meet his brother.  jack picked out an elephant for his brother.  he was a little unsure of the new addition and he may have been more interested in the hospital bed, but i have no doubt, in time, Jack will be a great protective older brother. 

 1 Day Old

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