Thursday, December 19, 2013

November (a little late)

whew, i'm behind.  maybe if i try real hard, i'll catch up by the new year!

So here's what happened in November (besides all the birthday parties and Thanksgiving!)

Story Time at the Library.  Nora and Jack held hands pretty much the whole time. 
 Ice Cream with the Luchetta's for their school spirit night. 

Funny Pics with my mini. 

 eating my face

 Playing at a new park with the Luchetta's again. 
these two babies are too sweet!

 she just wanted to check and see if he was still there
 i love how littleD sleeps
 sitting on my stuff
 sweet smiles and funny hats
 while at Nana's for Thanksgiving they got to play on their new truck!  even littleD rides now!
 all of Uncle Alex and Michael's superheroes!
bath at Nana's 
Nora and Nana
 sleeping in the car...a rarity 
 just D and Emma again...we might be planning a wedding :) although they are gonna need to learn to share a little bit better for that to work out!
 look who loves his Meow too!

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