Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Twins turn FOUR

The day the twins turned four...

Daddy (via skype) and Mommy woke them up with the birthday song and then we went straight to opening presents...

they were excited!

 so thankful for Skype...
 Family Photo (minus a still sleeping little D)
 as soon as D woke up, he and HRB were at the Batcave checking out all it can do :)

 For lunch we met some friends at Chickfila and then went to see Frozen.  
Nora, Dallyn and Holden

For dinner we had some family over for hotdogs and cake.  The twins favorite!
Batman made a quick appearance

 As usual, Little D loved his cake
 and so did these two
 The twins were also blessed with lots of presents from their family. 

They had a great day and have been hidden up in their rooms ever since playing with all their new things!

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