Saturday, December 21, 2013

15 Month Update

~Davison Luke Burns~
Oh this little boy.  What he does to me!  He wears me ragged and drives me crazy some days.  But boy oh boy, he makes me laugh, warms my heart and shows me so much love--i can't even remember what we did or how we made it before he was here.

If you've read a thing i've ever wrote about him it's no surprise to you that Davis is a busy. busy boy.  He keeps me on my toes in a way the twins never, ever did.  Actually, i am so very thankful to have had him second so the twins can help me keep up with him as well as entertain him!

Davis has done a lot of changing in the past few months.  I see him doing new things everyday.  Lets start with talking! He has quite the vocabulary these days! He is mostly sticking to one word statements, but occasionally he'll put two together, like his new favorite--Good Job! Here is a list of what else is coming out of that sweet mouth: byebye, momma, daddy, pop pop, gra'ma, nana, brother, baby, banana, no touch, no no, milk, more, nite nite, hey, cool, wow, uh-oh, all done, diaper, stinky, bath, ball, stop, and shoe.  He also signs "please" and "all done" all other signs he has chosen to forgo and say the word instead.

He is also starting to follow commands very well.  He will: sit down, clap, kiss, wave, go get it, clean up, take a bite, give love, throw it away, come here, high five and shut the door.

He copies everything we do.  He is always at my feet while cooking dinner, which drives me crazy, and he gets into everything.  I have realized the more i've watched and the less i've scolded, he's not so much trying to get into everything but instead just mimicing what i'm doing.  He'll go right behind me and open and shut a cabinet i was just in.  He'll spin the lazy susan i just got a can from and if i'm loading the dishwasher, he wants to load it too.

Davis loves to be outside.  Outside is the perfect place for him to get all of his energy out.  He LOVES our playset, but much prefers the slide over the swing.  He will climb the stairs all on his own, slide down on his belly, feet first, laughing the whole way and then go do it again. He will also walk right off the slide when i'm not looking.  No Fear with this little guy yet!

He has joined Holden with the love of riding.  He has a radio flyer car he rides all the time in the house and every chance he can get, he'll climb on one of the twins trucks and ride shotgun.

His favorite toy for the past month has been a tea set that nora got for her birthday.  He can almost always be found walking around the house with a cup and spoon in his hand.

Davis is IN LOVE with the Good Night Book, by Sandra Boynton.  It's the same book we read every night to the twins until they were 3 years old and started asking for story books instead.  I'm so glad LittleD loves it just as much.  He laughs at every page, and acts out a lot of it on his own now.  It's my favorite time of day with him.

He has shown a little separation anxiety over the past few months although, he's done better the past few weeks.  It never takes long to get over, thankfully, just puts up a bit of a cry when i hand him over to the nursery workers or friends/family i'm getting ready to leave him with--but once we're out of sight, he's usually over it--or so i hear!

Davis still loves loves loves his brother and sister.  He wants to do everything they are doing, and play in whatever room they are playing in.  He wrestles with them, loves to be chased by them, and as of lately he brings books to them and then sits in their lap so they can read to him.

My favorite Davis thing right now is kissing.  He says "muah" all the time and then leans his head in so you can kiss him.  If you are lucky, he might actually give you a kiss back.  Those are my favorite of course...even though they are wet and sloppy!

He doesn't eat as much as he used to, but still likes a lot of different kinds of foods.  He still is not tolerating much dairy and i've pretty much cut it out of his diet.  Sometimes it just gives him bad diaper rashes and rashes on his face...occasionally he will have indigestion and throw it back up.  Every once in a while the throwing up is his body can't tolerate it at all and he can't even swallow it.

We are due for a doctor's visit but want make it until after Christmas, but i have no doubt he has done some major growing in the past 3 months.  Not that i've been the least bit concerned,  but i am sure he has moved up on the growth charts this time.  Maybe i'll get a little break from the grief the doctors give me with every visit!

oh and worth a note---he has given up his paci entirely.  Raffy is still in his crib but i rarely see him use it as a paci.  Mostly he plays with the silk tag attached to the giraffe paci.  He totally gets that from me!  As a child i was always rubbing "silkies"--funny how those things can be genetic!

Some of Davis' favorite things include:
Glow Worm
cups, plates and spoons
peanut butter and jelly
taking baths
riding his trucks
playing outside
the night night book

Some of his dislikes include:
not being allowed to do what the big kids are doing
bread crust
water in his eyes
sitting still
being boxed in
loud noises--like the constant fire trucks that go by
being hungry--but then again who does?

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