Friday, December 27, 2013


So we made some cookies this holiday season...
3 times...
and i'm not sure they ever got tired of it :)

First we decorated cookies at Hillary's house
Jackie was more interested in eating than decorating!

Davis was very keep him out of the icing, i kept feeding him plain sugar cookies.  he was such a beggar that night, saying over and over "mo, mo" (more)!

did you have enough sprinkles, Holden?
Nora LOVES to decorate :)
how could i say no to this face??
Then we decorated cookies and the Olsen's house and watched The Polar Express.  Auntie Rachel went all out and had LOTS of options.

there Jackie is again...eating instead of decorating!
Nora with her creations
Our latest cookie extravaganza was more baking, less decorating and these cookies were for SANTA!

he doesn't help...he just eats!

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