Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas at Home

We did our family "christmas" on Saturday the 21st while we were still in our home and things weren't so hectic.  It was a sweet morning.  We set up the computer and skyped Daddy for most of the morning and the kids opened all the presents that Mike and I had been conspiring to get for the past few months. 

this was also the first time that Davis ever said "cheese" to the camera.  May i also say it was the easiest group picture yet. Just look how cute they are!
 The "befores"

 and then it began...
 Davis opening his first present of the season...and he's a pro!
a train from sister!

 ooo...these are for me?
a Sleeping Beauty Christmas
robes and slippers from Baby Brother

oh how we love skype!

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